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Forestry Training Unit conducts departmental examination in the management and professional group as well as those in the supporting group in the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia.

The objective of the Departmental Exams is to qualify personels for service comfirmation. Beside Departmental Examinations, Forestry Training Unit is also conducts examinations exercises to qualify personels for promotions to the Forester, Forest Ranger and Assistant Conservator of Forest Schemes.

Types of Department Examinations

a.       Departmental Examinations - For service comfirmation.

  1. Conservator of Forest Gred G41 - twice a year.
  2. Assistant Conservator of Forest Gred G27 - twice a year.
  3. Research Assistant Gred Q17 - twice a year.
  4. Logging Instructor Gred G17 - twice a year.
  5. Forest Ranger Gred G17 - twice a year.
  6. Forester Gred G11 - twice a year.

b.       Departmental Examinations - For promotion to high position.

  1. To be appointed in the Assistant Conservator of Forest Scheme Gred G27 - once a year.
  2. To be appointed in the Forest Ranger Scheme Gred G17 - once a year.
  3. To be appointed in the Forester Scheme Gred G11 - once a year.

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