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Training Facilities

  1. Seminar Room
    Two seminar rooms, each with a seating capacity for 40 participants, are available.

  2. Classroom
    Three classroom, each with a seating capacity for 40 participants, are available.

  3. Hall
    Dewan Alwy, a hall named in honour of the first local conservator heading the Department can accomodate up to 500 persons. The hall caters for a majority of departmental functions as well as training activities.

  4. Computer Lab
    The Lab is equipped with 20 units of computer and the neccessary peripherals to support training in information & communication technology. The Lab has internet connectivity.

  5. Accomodation
    The unit provides comfortable accomodation to students, trainers, officers and the public.

  6. Library
    The Library is stocked with various books, magazines and reference materials.

  7. Officers Mess
    The officers Mess can be used for function catering to about 150 people.

  8. Mosque
    For muslim residents, staff and visitors the FRIM Mosque is both unique and functional. Chunkes and temples can be found in the vicinities.

  9. Recreational Facilities
    Courts for takraw, volley-ball, badminton, tennis, football field and table-tennis are available for course participants and officers of the department.

  10. Health & Medical Ward
    Participants requiring medical attention are referred to the nearest Public Hospital & Clinic around Kepong, Kepong Baru dan Selayang. There are numerous private clinics within 10 minutes travelling time. Farmacies are located in the shopping malls around Kepong or Selayang.

  11. Public Telephone
    Public phones are available in the ULP premises. Cellular technology is also available to residents, officers & visitor to ULP.

  12. Cafeteria
    Local delicious may be tried at a cafeteria which run from 7am to 7pm. Eating stalls for your choice are also available.

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